Peter Yates Arts Prints Now Available

Greece for Valerie - Peter Yates ©1979
Greece for Valerie - Peter Yates ©1979

A new series of 26 Art Prints are now available from the Peter Yates Print Shop
Pete_Yates_Emboss copy
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Also available on Etsy

As well as the ODE Shop, our items are also available at Etsy

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Cycling the Isar River


Cycling the Isar, from Scharnitz in the Austrian Alps … to the Danube Read More ...

Photography for Fun

Spanish Flower Shop
'Spanish Flowers, Las Ramblas'

Photography - It's great for training the eye, for capturing the moment and of course for taking product pics for ODE.

Studying photography in college I enjoyed few pleasing results. However, the onset of digital photography has made better photography cheaper and more accessible for more people. Me included.

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Cycling the Danube

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You're Fired !


Potty about ceramics
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Day and Night, Winged Bulls. Finsbury Peter Yates Mural Restored

Bevan Court Peter Yates Mural 1
Thanks to the great expertise of Tom Organ and his team and
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Rhine Valley Cycle, Part Zwei


Cycling from Konstanz to Frankfurt
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Bevin Court Mural Conservation Begins


This community project focuses on the restoration of the Peter Yates mural and the reinstatement of a bust of Ernest Bevin in one of Berthold Lubetkin’s iconic spaces.

The project is funded by the 
Heritage Lottery Fund and is run by Islington Heritage for Islington Council. Read More ...

BBC News : MEA House and Ryder and Yates offices listed


MEA House in Newcastle and Ryder and Yates' former offices in Killingworth have been listed by English Heritage
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Peter Yates: Painting 1939-1980

Peter Yates Alphabetical Chicken
Hatton Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne

10 Jan - 09 May 15


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ODEChair Website Revisited

ode web

Blah blah blah


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Rhine Valley Cycle, Part Eins

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Etsy TV Advert features Savannah Rocker

Etsy Ad Savannah Rocker Jolyon Yates b Read More ...

New Silver Jewellery

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Carbon iPhone 5 Case for M-Tech Composites

m-tech designs iphone case 4qc edge
Carbon M-Tech Cases for iPhone 3, 4 & 5

Consulting for M-Tech Designs, Jolyon Yates supports the hi-tech composites company in developing it's latest pure Carbon iPhone 5 case.
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Litho Printed Cards and Postcard Series

small_postcard_Princess_head_A edge
'Princess' Domain' ©2013 Jolyon Yates

Set of 5 Litho-print art Postcards, perfect for framing or for sending available from the Store

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Metal Shadow Pendants

small_thinking_cat_pendant_metal_Jolyon_Yates_odechair_11 edge
'Thinking Cat' Pendant in Stainless Steel or Silver

Stainless Steel and Sterling Silver pendants on Silver chain or Leather are available from the ODE Store

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Outgate Inn, Elver Nets : New Peter Yates Prints

Outgate-Inn-Peter-Yates-Artist-Architect-1920-1982 edge
Outgate Inn, Peter Yates (1959)

'India ink; gouache and watercolour on paper, 1959. This is a study of a Lake District barn - the colours, textures and the materials used in its construction. We have the white of the limestone finish; the black of the local granite and the green of Honister Slate. Anybody who knows the area, its beauty and the buildings which are formed from its materials, will applaud the sympathy with which Yates captures this representative Lake District barn'

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A Christmas ODE

25_Christmas_Snowflakes_Wall_or_Window_Decal_Stickers_Jolyon_Yates_ODEChair edge
White 'Snowflake' Window Decals

We would like to thank our customers for their terrific support in 2012 and wish everybody ...
... a Wonderful, Magical Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Happy New Year in 2013.
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Bookroom Art Press announces Peter Yates Prints

Peter_Yates_Cod-and-Lobster-Pots-Staithes_1955  edge
Cod and Lobster Pots, Peter Yates (1955)

The Bookroom Art Press announces the immediate availability of limited edition, numbered Peter Yates Giclée Art Prints.

‘This boy can see things’ Le Corbusier said of Peter Yates. ‘To see’ is an artist’s starting point; to translate that vision into both three dimensional space and two dimensional representation, into both buildings and paintings, was Yates’ life-long concern, both as architect and as painter.
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Shadow Jewellery

Black_Resin_Sterling_Silver_Moonlight_Cat_Earrings edge
Black Resin 'Thinking Cat' Earrings

A new selection of elegant jewellery by Designer/Maker Jolyon Yates
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'After Earth' Movie features Stingray Stools

After _Earth_Movie_Will_Smith edge
After Earth, 2013

After Earth (originally known as 1000 A.E.) is an upcoming science-fiction thriller film directed by M. Night Shyamalan, starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith.
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Metal Garden Shapes by ODE

the-early-bird-catches-the-worm-ODEChair-Jolyon_Yates edge
Black Metal Garden Shapes

Just in time for summer, a series of black powder-coated metal shapes to spice up your garden, fence-top or balcony.
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ODE Web Projects

dibley_marine_website_2013 edge
Dibley Marine New Website

In order to keep in coffee and cocao, designers like myself need to display multiple strings to our arguably over-stretched bow. To this end, I develop websites for a handful of close clients. Amongst those are Dibley Marine and Bell Design Group both marine associates of mine from New Zealand days.
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Metal Mobiles : Form, Fly and Puffin

shapes 2 metal mobile Jolyon Yates ODEChair edge
‘Form’ Metal Mobile by Jolyon Yates

Interior / Exterior Metal Mobiles, available in bright lacquered or rusted finish ...
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Micro Four Thirds Photography

St Marys Lighthouse Whitley Bay 2 by Jolyon Yates ODEChair edge
Whitley Bay Lighthouse (Micro Four Thirds Camera, 45-200mm Lumix lens, post-processed for contrast)

Micro Four Thirds Photography. My journey to find the right camera ...
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FX Bikes Mountain Moto

wilde_fxbikes_pemberton022_Mountain_Moto_Designer_Jolyon_Yates edge

Mountain Moto : design consultancy for New Zealand company FX Bikes
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Come and See - Michael Chaplin

Come and See Tyneside Cinema Michael Chaplin edge

Come and See - The Beguiling Story of the Tyneside Cinema by Michael Chaplin is launched to celebrate 75 years of the Tyneside Cinema. It unearths some Peter Yates stories of old, both from his time painting the ‘Light and Shadows’ Mural in the Tyneside Cinema’s Electra Theatre in 1976 and from his post war Paris experiences meeting Georges Braque and Le Corbusier among others.
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CAD Bites Back !


It was always clear to me that CAD was inextricably linked to my future in design. As a critical element of tomorrow’s design process, I confess it has often frustrated me. Now with 20 or so years experience in design (and CAD), I can confidently state that as a process, it is no longer teething and is an indispensable part of my workflow.
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Craft&Design Selected Award Winners Exhibition

Ferrers Gallery exhibition invitation Jolyon Yates ODEChair edge

Craft&Design Selected Award Winners Exhibition

Ferrers Gallery April 15th - July 17th, 2011
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Peter Yates 2011 Calendar for Open-City Charity

Peter Yates Margaret Howell 2011 Calendar edge

Following this year’s Peter Yates British Landscapes Exhibition, Margaret Howell has produced a Peter Yates 2011 Calendar, the proceeds of which go to the Open-City Charity.
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Ocean Rocker at L'Equipement des Arts, London

Ocean Rocker wooden Rocking Chair by Jolyon Yates ODEChair edge

Ocean Rocker III and Stingray Stools on show at
L'equipement des Arts, London W2
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Savannah Rocker at Timothy Mark

savannah-rocker-by-jolyon-yates-at-timothy-mark edge

Savannah Rocker at Timothy Mark in New Quebec St, London W1
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London Design Festival 2010

Ocean Rocker wooden Rocking Chair by Jolyon Yates ODEChair edge

Made to Sit : Timothy Mark
Update : Ocean Rocker wins Timothy Mark, ‘Best of Show’ !
16-26 September 2010
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Crafts Council and London Design Festival 2010

Savannah Rocker Jolyon Yates ODEChair Few and Far edge

Tables and Chairs : New Contemporary Voices in Wood
Few and Far, Brompton Road, London
18-26 September 2010
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ODEChair at Newgate Gallery, York

Newgate Gallery York, Jolyon Yates, ODEChair edge
ODEChair at the charming Newgate Gallery in the Shambles, York
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Summer Brings Affordable Accessories

Cube Jewellery Box edgeStar Hot Pot TrivetSpiral Hot Pot TrivetCircular Bracelet

Summer at ODE brings a range of home grown affordable
wooden jewellery, jewellery boxes and accessories
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Wooden Handled Rubber Stamps

ladybird stamp by Jolyon Yates, ODEChair edgegingko stamp by Jolyon Yates, ODEChairthinking cat stamp by Jolyon Yates, ODEChairstrutting cockerel stamp by Jolyon Yates, ODEChair
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Spring at ODEChair

LadyGirl-wood birch bookend Jolyon Yates ODEChair edge
See new crafted items at ODEChair this Spring
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Peter Yates Exhibition at Margaret Howell - April 15

peter yates british landscapes exhibition at margaret howell edge
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Industrial Arts Website Relaunch

industrial arts website relaunch edge

The much awaited relaunch of the new, simplified Industrial Arts Design Services website


Ryder & Yates features in new RIBA NE Exhibition

REinvigorating the Region RIBA Ryder and Yates edge

An initiative by
RIBA North East
North East Architectural Heritage
'Reinvigorating the Region' charts the development of architecture in the North East of England in response to economic challenges, social optimism and bold political decisions following the end of the Second World War.
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Craft&Design Selected Gold Award 2009

craft&design selected magazine jolyon yates edge
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Savannah Rocker Stars in Play, L'Initiatrice

odechair rocking chair le public jolyon yates edge
Photo : Christopher Louergli

The Savannah Rocker is starring in the play L’Initiatrice by Pietro Pizzuti. The play, Directed by Guy Theunissen stars the actresses Babetida Sadjo and Florence Crick. It runs from 9th September to 31 October, 2009 at Théâtre Le Public in Brussels, Belgium.

”To explain briefly the context, this chair would be the only piece of theatre set, on a naked stage, with 2 beautiful actresses” describes Assistant Director Cachou Kirsch.

“To one of them, the chair represents the only memory she's kept from her deceased lover, who was a cabinet-maker . So it [The Rocking Chair] is nearly a third character, with a very emotional dimension”.
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Peter Yates' Tyneside Cinema Mural: Photographs

peter yates light and shadows tyneside cinema edge

Light and Shadows on the Wall; Improving Amusements by Peter Yates
Photographs detailing the recently conserved Peter Yates mural at the
Tyneside Cinema
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Call off the Wolves, Jack !

To Jack Wolfskin GmbH & Co. KGaA

Princess Cat Paws edge

Dear Jack, 
Guten Tag !
My name is Jolyon Yates. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne, Northern England. 
It’s not as pretty as Idstein .. but we too have a great tea shop and a Black and Decker outlet !
As for my profession, I am a lone designer / maker.
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Jewellery Clams in Oak and Birch

jewel clam oak jolyon yates edge
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'Inspired by Nature, Crafted by Hand'

Journal Newspaper Article, Karen Wilson

Jolyon Yates Ocean Rocker Leaf Stool edge
Photo : The Chronicle

Jolyon Yates has gone from designing cars and boats to cutting-edge sculptural furniture. Karen Wilson speaks to the Whitley Bay Designer about his new venture ODEChair. At first glance you'd be forgiven for thinking Jolyon Yates's work was simply sculptural art. But the 41 year-old Designer has managed to fuse form and function perfectly with his stunning curved furniture, which is influenced by the natural world around him. After launching ODEChair last year, his designs has created a buzz among the design world on the internet and been picked up by International design publications, winning a Gold award from
Craft&Design Magazine. Their also on display at Newcastle's Biscuit Factory. It's no surprise though when you consider his design pedigree ...
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Twentieth Century Society : Ryder and Yates

The Twentieth Century Society edge

From the Journals of
Twentieth Century Society

Twentieth Century Architects is a new series of MONOGRAPHS published by
Twentieth Century Society, RIBA and English Heritage. The first two books (Powell & Moya by Kenneth Powell, and Ryder and Yates by Rutter Carroll) have been well received and are available at a discount via the Society’s website. We asked a selection of architects and designers for their responses to the stories the books tell about post-war British modernism.

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Gold Award, Wood and Metal
Craft&Design Selected Magazine

design and selected gold wood award edge

I’m delighted to receive the
craft&design Selected Gold Award for Wood and Metal 2009
Thank you so much to
craft&design and all those who voted for ODEChair
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Lost Peter Yates Murals Uncovered

scotby house harlequin house mural peter yates edge

Just as Beacon House boxes in their
Peter Yates ‘Shells’ mural, two Peter Yates murals are rediscovered in a Ryder and Yates house in Cumbria. The new owners of Harlequin House, as it was known when built have restored the murals to their 1960’s condition.
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New Book Ends & 'Coffee Perches'

odechair easy bookends by jolyon yates edge

A new series of ODE designs go on display at The Biscuit Factory this week. The series includes book ends, magazine holders, ‘coffee perches’ and bowls. All are made from satin lacquered wood. The pieces are intended to provide a more accessible series of sculpted wooden designs whilst retaining the great design sense and finish of the classic ODEChair Rocking Chairs and Stools.

For prices and availability,
please enquire
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Peter Yates Murals

peter yates painting at the tyneside cinema edge

A collection of images of Peter Yates murals that I’ve amassed through the years
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Clean Face for ODEChair Website

odechair-website-new-jolyon-yates edge

ODEChair website is relaunching this week with a simplified format and some useful new features
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Ryder & Yates, Classic Images


Norgas House (1965)
Images from the archives showing some of Ryder & Yates’ architectural highlights
Images retain the copyright of their respective owners
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ODE Wall Decals Store now here at ODEChair !

cat and bird by jolyon yates ode edge

Six months have passed and we’re now selling ODE Wall and Window
Decals here at our own Decal Store at ODEChair
You can also find them at
If you haven’t yet seen our collection of charming craft-made vinyl wall and window decals yet, check them out
here !

A small selection below
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ODEChair @ Biscuit Factory Summer Exhibition

Jolyon Yates at the Biscuit Factory Art Gallery Newcastle edge

Press Release, 8 June 2009

We're pleased to announce
Series 3 of the ODEChairs rocking chairs and stools : the Savannah Rocker III, Ocean Rocker III, Leaf Stool III and various new Stingray Stools. The revisions amount to evolutions in form, utility, construction and finish.
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Ryder & Yates, Pair's Design Still Force for Good

ryder and yates engineering research station edge
Tony Henderson

Newcastle Journal Live
THE architect Peter Yates once began a lecture with the quote that a city should be “for the convenience of its inhabitants and a surprise to its visitors”.
Well, the Tyneside architectural practice of Peter Yates and Gordon Ryder certainly sprang a few surprises over 30 years from the formation of the partnership in 1953.
Their modernist style produced projects such as the 1965 Norgas House, the first major building in Killingworth New Town in North Tyneside.Two years later they followed up with the award-winning and now listed Engineering Research Station, also in Killingworth, which was later used as offices by North Tyneside Council.
Among Ryder and Yates buildings in Newcastle are MEA House, studios 1 and 5 at the former Tyne Tees TV in City Road, the nearby Salvation Army Men’s Palace overlooking the Tyne and the Vickers factory on Scotswood Road.
The importance of Ryder and Yates has now been recognised by a new book in a series on 20th Century architects by Riba Publishing, English Heritage and the Twentieth Century Society.
Not only is it the first book in the series, but Ryder and Yates is the only practice outside London to be featured.
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Mk III Savannah Rocker & Ocean Rockers

Savannah Rocker AKA Breeze Wooden Rocking Chair by Jolyon Yates ODEChair edge

Today, I’m very proud to announce 2 new chairs : the Savannah Rocker Mk III and the Ocean Rocker Mk III

Whilst the Ocean Rocker incorporates only evolutionary changes to construction and finish, revisions to the Savannah Rocker are more significant. Moving to Mk III has provided an opportunity to tidy up several issues with form and construction that had been holding the chair back. I believe the Savannah Rocker has now come of age and I hope you will agree !
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Ryder and Yates Book Launch

Ryder and Yates Architecture Book edge

The long awaited
Ryder and Yates book was finally launched at the RIBA HQ in London last night. A second launch tonight at the newly renovated Tyneside Cinema in Pilgrim Street, Newcastle upon Tyne was enjoyed by perhaps 150 people.

The first ever comprehensive account of the outstanding work of Ryder and Yates has been chronicled in this new book by Tyneside architect Rutter Carroll. Formed by Gordon Ryder and Peter Yates and heavily influenced by Le Corbusier and Berthold Lubetkin, the practice dominated the development of modern architecture in the North East of England from the early 1950s, where their visually astounding modernism put them in stark contrast to their contemporaries.
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Restored Peter Yates Mural Unveiled at the Tyneside Cinema

 Peter Yates Mural Tyneside Cinema Newcastle edgePhotograph : E Ganzert
WC Fields features in this distorted image of the mural.

Also on the night of April the 23rd,
Peter Yates’ freshly renovated 1976 mural entitled “Shadows and Light” was unveiled at the newly reopened Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle. “It portrays a potted history of moving pictures, starting with a Victorian zoetrope machine and ending with an Andy Warhol-inspired portrait of Marilyn Monroe”.
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Ryder and Yates Northumberland Hideaway

ryder and yates northumberland domestic house edge
In April of 2009 , I was lucky enough to come across a wonderful example of Ryder and Yates domestic architecture in Northumberland. The owner very generously allowed me to take photographs. I extend my grateful thanks to her for her kindness. The house is largely unchanged from it's original 1959 design

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Jolyon Yates launches ODEChair Project

Press Release : 2/5/08

Ocean Rocker Wooden Rocking Chair by Jolyon Yates ODEChair edge
ODEChair by Jolyon Yates

ODE is a lyrical poem that pays respect to that which inspired it

The subject of that respect is those who have lent thoughts, inspiration or kindness in the development of these pieces; friends and family, mother nature; the Atlantic Ocean; Northumberland; New Zealand; the rain

Specifically, this ODE is to those that we meet and learn from on our journeys
In a world of loveless volume manufacturing, ODEChair products display soul by reflecting the care and honesty with which they have been conceived and crafted Read More ...

Industrial Arts moves from NZ to England

Images of New Zealand by Jolyon Yates edge

Leaving the Land of the Long White Cloud for the .. well, silvery one ?
I miss New Zealand and my good friends there every day
Sadly I wasn’t able to do everything I want to there
But I’ll be back one day New Zealand ..

.. that’s a promise !
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'Processions of Shells' Mural by Peter Yates

Beacon House Shells Mural Peter Yates Whitley Bay edge

On popping into Beacon House in Whitley Bay, I was surprised and delighted to see the Peter Yates “Processions of Shells” mural still intact and in great condition after almost 50 years !

They have clearly been cherished and decorated around with great care ever since they were painted in 1959.

4.3.2009 : UPDATE ... I am sad to report that after 50 years, the "Shells" Mural has sadly been lost to the evils of Magnolia emulsion.
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'Cinema's Classic Pictures see the Light'

Article, David Whetstone, Newcastle Journal, December 15th, 2006
‘Cinema's Classic Pictures see the Light’

Tyneside Cinema article Peter Yates artist Newcastle upon Tyne edge
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CAD, A User Interface Re-considered

Shark Interface by Jolyon Yates d edge
Shark FX redesigned topbar, toolbar and tool palettes

This commission from software developer Tim Olson was to reconsider the CAD interface for what were to become mainstream CAD products Shark and ViaCAD.
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Peter Yates' Bevin Court Mural

Bevan Court Mural by Peter Yates for Lubetkin 1954 edge
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