Carbon iPhone 5 Case for M-Tech Composites

m-tech designs iphone case 4qc edge
Carbon M-Tech Cases for iPhone 3, 4 & 5

Consulting for M-Tech Designs, Jolyon Yates supports the hi-tech composites company in developing it's latest pure Carbon iPhone 5 case.
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ODE Web Projects

dibley_marine_website_2013 edge
Dibley Marine New Website

In order to keep in coffee and cocao, designers like myself need to display multiple strings to our arguably over-stretched bow. To this end, I develop websites for a handful of close clients. Amongst those are Dibley Marine and Bell Design Group both marine associates of mine from New Zealand days.
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Industrial Arts Website Relaunch

industrial arts website relaunch edge

The much awaited relaunch of the new, simplified Industrial Arts Design Services website


Industrial Arts moves from NZ to England

Images of New Zealand by Jolyon Yates edge

Leaving the Land of the Long White Cloud for the .. well, silvery one ?
I miss New Zealand and my good friends there every day
Sadly I wasn’t able to do everything I want to there
But I’ll be back one day New Zealand ..

.. that’s a promise !
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