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Stingray ‘Junior’

Wooden Stingray Stool Junior with Classic Copyright ODEChair Jolyon Yates
.. An ODE to the Stingray, to nature's curves and to her comfort - Stingray Junior is sumptuously sculpted in Birch. The natural grain accentuates the luxurious form of this charming and very practical wooden interior sculpture. No baby Stingrays were harmed in the production of this chair

The Stingray Junior stands approximately 325 mm tall by 290 mm wide by 280 mm deep
The Stingray Stool is finished in specialist PU satin lacquer. This brings out the rich wood tones and provides maximum protection whilst maintaining a natural wood finish

Stingray Junior can be shipped internationally - please enquire for packing / shipping costs

Stingray Junior shown with original Stingray Classic

More images of the Savannah Rocker in the Image Gallery

Stingray Stool Line Drawing Copyright ODEChair by Jolyon Yates

Stingray Junior
wooden chair is craft made and requires a lead time of 6-9 weeks

Prices & delivery details are available on request

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