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Savannah Rocker ODEChair by Jolyon Yates
Simply amazing, and will become a “classic of design of 21 century”. Congratulations guys.

“Purity, technology, beauty!”
Free K-Spirit

“What a visual delight Jolyon. Pure poetry Sir !”
Adrian Morrish

"It is truly a ODE ... an artwork ... a poem ... so beautifully done. Super creativity and workmanship in wood work"
NYC Custom Furniture (USA)

"As a fellow woodworker, I admire your work a great deal and would love to be able to feature it on my website"
Mitch Roberson (USA)

“Your work sits beautifully at the intersection of art, design and craft”
Michael Rolph, Wheel Media, San Francisco, USA

"Nice Stuff"
Bruce Fenn, MotorShowTV, London

"Well done! They look great, rather monumental"
Dion Christie, New Zealand

"The things you do are just marvellous ... beautiful wooden chairs"
Dan Miculescu, Romania

"Your chairs look stunning, truly works of art"
Scott Roe

"Very nice work, great, awesome products. I’m interested in buying a beautiful Savannah Rocker"
Olavo de Sousa, Portugal

"How beautiful are your chairs?!"
Ashlee Moratorio, Identity Magazine, Dubai

"I love your work with ODEChair - gorgeous"
Christopher Andrew Culley, England

"Your collection is really breathtaking!"
Paulo Machado, Machado Boat Design, Rio

"I love your chairs"
Andreas Wieneke, Koln, Germany

"Really beautiful work. You should have no problems selling these elegant designs"
Mark Leichliter, USA

"Beautiful chair-designs ! also beautiful _the ode chair_ what a poet you are very nice to see this work !”
Corien Klapwijk

Savannah Rocker ODEChair by Jolyon Yates
“Authenticity that sheds new light on known materials and an extension of that is use of materials that exposes "the parts" as they become" the sum. You can see the parts of wood that make up the chair, it's authentic, and the parts are changed into a new sum. No longer a tree, or pieces of a tree, the OdeChair is a whole new way of seeing the tree...and it's right brained”
Mike Landfair

"Your pieces are incredible"
Tom Crawford

"You have some beautiful wooden pieces"
John Caine, USA

"Absolutely Brilliant, love your ODE"
Mike Hodgkinson, FX Bikes, USA

"The chairs and stools look fantastic"
Roger Hill, Roger Hill Yacht Design, NZ

"Very nice chairs. Very sensual!"
Jo Stenuit Mazda Design Europe, Germany

"Great, Im gonna have to get one of your chairs!"
Dave Nicklin, RS NIcklin

"Beautiful Chair"
Simon Radclyffe

"Uniquely flowing chairs. These chairs are an inspirational work of art"
Tim Olson, PunchCAD USA

"Your products are very nice"
Sarah Kay, Kay-Stemmer Design

"Love the chairs! Beautiful! I expect to see the Savannah Rocker 1) in the Vitra Design Museum's permanent collection and 2) I my library room"
Jesse Taylor, Japan

"Beautiful work! I love the Savannah rocker- great lines!"
Matt Remenar, USA

Resin S Rocker ODEChair by Jolyon Yates
"Your beautiful chairs floating on and off the screen were really calming"
Elain Harwood, English Heritage

"This is extraordinary stuff that you are creating there Jol...what wonderful sculptures they are"
Alyson Azzi, NZ

"Your chairs are beautiful !!!"
Lena Weick, Germany

"They look great. Particularly love the Savannah. Fantastic"
Kevin Dibley, Dibley Marine, NZ

"I am very impressed with your designs particularly the Savannah"
Glen Williamson, Wet Feet, NZ

"They look wonderful! Well done"
Kate Longworth, Scotland

"Your furniture is beautiful, inspired, contemporary and organic. I love all of them"
Judy Bell-Davis, Bell Design Group, USA

"Amazing !"
Akari Noda, Connoisseur New Zealand

"Your designs are stunning, stunning, stunning"
Bob Williams, Antarctica Cup, Australia

"What lovely things, how nice they would look in my studio"
Jenny Searle, Jenny Searle Associates

"Ode chairs looks very inviting. A work of art but also comfortable and practical"
Mike Kramer, Mike Kramer Consulting Ltd

"Your furniture looks amazing!"
Steve Reese

Leaf Stool III ODEChair by Jolyon Yates
"We discovered your Ocean and Savannah models and we think they would fit fantastically within our Indoor Home line. Consumers come to us seeking fine rarities and I know they will be highly interested in your designs"
Henry Gonzalez, OpulentItems, USA

"This furniture is just amazing!! I loooooorve those rockers especially!"
Maggie Hunt, Maggie Hunt Marketing, NZ

"Wow those designs are magic! The Japanese would love them"
John Whitehead, Australia

"Fantastic design, great seat site, you're a real chairman !"
JLM, France

"They are beautiful"
Peter Buchan, Ryder Architecture

"Great looking website and very impressive furniture"
Matt von Sturmer, Zealous Architectural Hardware, NZ

"Nice !"
Brett Bakewell-White, Bakewell-White Yacht Design, NZ

"First of all let me tell you that your chairs are by far the most amazing I have ever seen"
Diego de la Viña, Mexico

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