Cycling the Isar River


Cycling the Isar, from Scharnitz in the Austrian Alps … to the Danube Read More ...

Photography for Fun

Spanish Flower Shop
'Spanish Flowers, Las Ramblas'

Photography - It's great for training the eye, for capturing the moment and of course for taking product pics for ODE.

Studying photography in college I enjoyed few pleasing results. However, the onset of digital photography has made better photography cheaper and more accessible for more people. Me included.

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Cycling the Danube

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Rhine Valley Cycle, Part Zwei


Cycling from Konstanz to Frankfurt
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Rhine Valley Cycle, Part Eins

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Industrial Arts moves from NZ to England

Images of New Zealand by Jolyon Yates edge

Leaving the Land of the Long White Cloud for the .. well, silvery one ?
I miss New Zealand and my good friends there every day
Sadly I wasn’t able to do everything I want to there
But I’ll be back one day New Zealand ..

.. that’s a promise !
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