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Spanish Flower Shop
'Spanish Flowers, Las Ramblas'

Photography - It's great for training the eye, for capturing the moment and of course for taking product pics for ODE.

Studying photography in college I enjoyed few pleasing results. However, the onset of digital photography has made better photography cheaper and more accessible for more people. Me included.

My choice of camera is Micro Four Thirds, which is basically a miniture DSLR. (I wrote an article about M43 cameras here when I first got mine). Micro Four Thirds cameras are small, fast, light and flexible. Whilst arguably less 'professional' than more expensive full-size DSLR cameras, the results are still excellent.

The realisation is that taking better pictures is much more about experimentation and experience than about the cost of the kit. My camera (an old Lumix GF2) is now 7 years old and still very servicable. That said, it's not great in low light, so a more up-to-date version (perhaps a GX7 or GX8) may be on the cards this year.

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