Carbon iPhone 5 Case for M-Tech Composites

m-tech designs iphone case 4qc edge
Carbon M-Tech Cases for iPhone 3, 4 & 5

Consulting for M-Tech Designs, Jolyon Yates supports the hi-tech composites company in developing it's latest pure Carbon iPhone 5 case.
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ODE Web Projects

dibley_marine_website_2013 edge
Dibley Marine New Website

In order to keep in coffee and cocao, designers like myself need to display multiple strings to our arguably over-stretched bow. To this end, I develop websites for a handful of close clients. Amongst those are Dibley Marine and Bell Design Group both marine associates of mine from New Zealand days.
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FX Bikes Mountain Moto

wilde_fxbikes_pemberton022_Mountain_Moto_Designer_Jolyon_Yates edge

Mountain Moto : design consultancy for New Zealand company FX Bikes
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CAD Bites Back !


It was always clear to me that CAD was inextricably linked to my future in design. As a critical element of tomorrow’s design process, I confess it has often frustrated me. Now with 20 or so years experience in design (and CAD), I can confidently state that as a process, it is no longer teething and is an indispensable part of my workflow.
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