FX Bikes Mountain Moto

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Mountain Moto : design consultancy for New Zealand company FX Bikes
fx bikes film strip
FX Bikes Mountain Moto in action in New Zealand and Canada

From a styling perspective, the project involved developing an aesthetic that would endue the bike with it’s distinctive dynamic whilst keeping it’s character true to it’s functional roots : that of a fun, super light-weight off-road bike.
fxbikes Logo Jolyon Yates Design
In addition to design input on the styling of the bike, contributions included graphics and branding as shown.

FX Bikes Mountain Moto is a 57Kg, 125cc, 4 stroke cross between a downhill mountain bike and a dirt bike. Like a mountain bike, Mountain Moto can be hitched to a car as you would a mountain bike, as well as lifted over fences and other obstacles.

FX Bikes Logo

orange bike FXBikes design sketch Jolyon Yates
FX Bikes is currently developing long-range expedition and street-legal, hybrid / electric models.
fx bikes film illustration Jolyon Yates
Early graphics proposal for FX Bikes Mountain Moto livery
Jol FX4 Foam Mockup Lines c
FX Bikes Mountain Moto : Foam model with early lines proposal overlaid

Contact Mike Hodgkinson or see FX Bikes website for further details.

fx bikes logo Jolyon Yates design


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