Carbon iPhone 5 Case for M-Tech Composites

m-tech designs iphone case 4qc edge
Carbon M-Tech Cases for iPhone 3, 4 & 5

Consulting for M-Tech Designs, Jolyon Yates supports the hi-tech composites company in developing it's latest pure Carbon iPhone 5 case.
Carbon iPhone 5 Case for M-Tech by Jolyon Yates
"Carbon fibre is used where the ultimate in light weight performance is needed - now we have used our motorsport design and manufacturing experience to bring you stunningly beautiful carbon fibre iPhone cases. Made with the same materials and processes used in F1 and aerospace, our hand crafted and finished cases have to be seen and touched to fully appreciate their beauty and quality".
iPhone 3,4,5 Carbon fiber-250x250

The latest duo-shock case is beautifully made and finished and fits Apple's iPhone 5 series.

The new case is available now from M-Tech's online store

m-tech designs iphone case 1c


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