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Designer Maker
Jolyon Yates, ODEChair

Savannah Rocker (Breeze) Wooden Rocking Chair

“An ODE is a lyrical poem that pays respect to that which inspires it”

The subject of that respect is those who have lent thoughts, inspiration or kindness in the development of these pieces; friends and family, mother nature; the Atlantic Ocean; Northumberland; New Zealand; the rain

Specifically, this ODE is to those that we meet and learn from on our journeys

“In a world of loveless volume manufacturing,
ODEChair displays soul by reflecting the care and honesty with which they have been conceived and crafted”

Jolyon Yates is a designer / maker of crafted wooden rocking chairs, stools, wall clocks, hanging mobiles, decorative decals, greetings cards, stamps and interior accessories

Savannah Rocker III AKA Breeze by Jolyon YatesColoured Resin Stingray Stools by Jolyon YatesOcean Rocker III Wooden Rocking Chair by Jolyon YatesWooden Sculpted Leaf Stool ODEChair Jolyon YatesStingray Stool Tulip Wood Jolyon Yates ODEChair

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