Shadow Jewellery

Black_Resin_Sterling_Silver_Moonlight_Cat_Earrings edge
Black Resin 'Thinking Cat' Earrings

A new selection of elegant jewellery by Designer/Maker Jolyon Yates
Resin Seagull Bird Earrings by Jolyon Yates
Black Resin 'Gull' Earrings (50mm wide)

black thinking cat pendant
Resin 'Thinking Cat' Pendant (70mm tall)

Gecko Pendant on Leather Cord by Jolyon Yates
Stainless Steel 'Gecko' Pendant (75mm tall)

Black Resin 'Gecko' Earrings (75mm tall total)

Cat Earrings in Silver Grey Resin by Jolyon Yates
Grey-Silver Resin 'Thinking Cat' Earrings

black harlequin cat pendant x
Resin 'Harlequin Cat' Pendant (70mm tall)

Black Resin 'Gecko' Earrings (Total 75mm tall)

Thinking Cat Pendant on Leather by Jolyon Yates at ODE
Metal 'Thinking Cat' Pendant on leather (Approx 75mm tall)


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