Outgate Inn, Elver Nets : New Peter Yates Prints

Outgate-Inn-Peter-Yates-Artist-Architect-1920-1982 edge
Outgate Inn, Peter Yates (1959)

'India ink; gouache and watercolour on paper, 1959. This is a study of a Lake District barn - the colours, textures and the materials used in its construction. We have the white of the limestone finish; the black of the local granite and the green of Honister Slate. Anybody who knows the area, its beauty and the buildings which are formed from its materials, will applaud the sympathy with which Yates captures this representative Lake District barn'

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Bookroom Art Press announces Peter Yates Prints

Peter_Yates_Cod-and-Lobster-Pots-Staithes_1955  edge
Cod and Lobster Pots, Peter Yates (1955)

The Bookroom Art Press announces the immediate availability of limited edition, numbered Peter Yates Giclée Art Prints.

‘This boy can see things’ Le Corbusier said of Peter Yates. ‘To see’ is an artist’s starting point; to translate that vision into both three dimensional space and two dimensional representation, into both buildings and paintings, was Yates’ life-long concern, both as architect and as painter.
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