'Processions of Shells' Mural by Peter Yates

Beacon House Shells Mural Peter Yates Whitley Bay edge

On popping into Beacon House in Whitley Bay, I was surprised and delighted to see the Peter Yates “Processions of Shells” mural still intact and in great condition after almost 50 years !

They have clearly been cherished and decorated around with great care ever since they were painted in 1959.

4.3.2009 : UPDATE ... I am sad to report that after 50 years, the "Shells" Mural has sadly been lost to the evils of Magnolia emulsion.
According to the on-site Property Manager, new residents no longer wanted the mural in the entrance way. The mural was mistakenly thought to have been painted by the former Property manager. Whilst the vintage mural could have been boxed-in and protected for the future (as was the Tyneside Cinema Mural amongst others), this option was apparently not considered.

I am very glad that I managed to see the Shells mural before was painted out and that I managed to get a photographic record, such as it is. It's especially sad to lose this mural at a time of renewed interest in the work of
Peter Yates, of Ryder and Yates and of 50s and 60s architecture in particular. Such is progress. I hope the new residents enjoy their Magnolia paint !

Beacon House Whitley Bay Peter Yates mural Beacon House Peter Yates mural Whitley Bay

Beacon House entrance and mural detail


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