Peter Yates 2011 Calendar for Open-City Charity

Peter Yates Margaret Howell 2011 Calendar edge

Following this year’s Peter Yates British Landscapes Exhibition, Margaret Howell has produced a Peter Yates 2011 Calendar, the proceeds of which go to the Open-City Charity.
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Peter Yates Exhibition at Margaret Howell - April 15

peter yates british landscapes exhibition at margaret howell edge
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Peter Yates Murals

peter yates painting at the tyneside cinema edge

A collection of images of Peter Yates murals that I’ve amassed through the years
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Peter Yates' Tyneside Cinema Mural: Photographs

peter yates light and shadows tyneside cinema edge

Light and Shadows on the Wall; Improving Amusements by Peter Yates
Photographs detailing the recently conserved Peter Yates mural at the
Tyneside Cinema
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Restored Peter Yates Mural Unveiled at the Tyneside Cinema

 Peter Yates Mural Tyneside Cinema Newcastle edgePhotograph : E Ganzert
WC Fields features in this distorted image of the mural.

Also on the night of April the 23rd,
Peter Yates’ freshly renovated 1976 mural entitled “Shadows and Light” was unveiled at the newly reopened Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle. “It portrays a potted history of moving pictures, starting with a Victorian zoetrope machine and ending with an Andy Warhol-inspired portrait of Marilyn Monroe”.
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