Clean Face for ODEChair Website

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ODEChair website is relaunching this week with a simplified format and some useful new features
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ODE Wall Decals Store now here at ODEChair !

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Six months have passed and we’re now selling ODE Wall and Window
Decals here at our own Decal Store at ODEChair
You can also find them at
If you haven’t yet seen our collection of charming craft-made vinyl wall and window decals yet, check them out
here !

A small selection below
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Jolyon Yates launches ODEChair Project

Press Release : 2/5/08

Ocean Rocker Wooden Rocking Chair by Jolyon Yates ODEChair edge
ODEChair by Jolyon Yates

ODE is a lyrical poem that pays respect to that which inspired it

The subject of that respect is those who have lent thoughts, inspiration or kindness in the development of these pieces; friends and family, mother nature; the Atlantic Ocean; Northumberland; New Zealand; the rain

Specifically, this ODE is to those that we meet and learn from on our journeys
In a world of loveless volume manufacturing, ODEChair products display soul by reflecting the care and honesty with which they have been conceived and crafted Read More ...

Mk III Savannah Rocker & Ocean Rockers

Savannah Rocker AKA Breeze Wooden Rocking Chair by Jolyon Yates ODEChair edge

Today, I’m very proud to announce 2 new chairs : the Savannah Rocker Mk III and the Ocean Rocker Mk III

Whilst the Ocean Rocker incorporates only evolutionary changes to construction and finish, revisions to the Savannah Rocker are more significant. Moving to Mk III has provided an opportunity to tidy up several issues with form and construction that had been holding the chair back. I believe the Savannah Rocker has now come of age and I hope you will agree !
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