Metal Mobiles : Form, Fly and Puffin

shapes 2 metal mobile Jolyon Yates ODEChair edge
‘Form’ Metal Mobile by Jolyon Yates

Interior / Exterior Metal Mobiles, available in bright lacquered or rusted finish ...
‘Form’, ‘Fly’ and ‘Puffin’ Interior or Exterior Metal Mobiles

Available in either clear lacquered (protected metal finish) or rusted metal (oxidised) finish.

The beautiful harmonised cut metal shapes of these mobiles are suspended on stainless steel rods by nylon thread (a hook is included). They chime occasionally when they touch or are touched.

(Each individual suspended shape is approximately 20cm across. The entire height of the mobile is up to 100cm tall, depending upon version).

These metal mobiles are heavy and should not be hung where they can cause damage to either people or property.

Please note : If displayed outside, the rusted version will further darken with time.

(Lead time is approximately 7-14 days)

Order either by
contacting us directly, or by ordering from our online store.

Further photos are available from our
Image Archive

sea gulls metal mobile 2 Jolyon Yates ODEChair Form Shapes Chime - Metal Mobile
‘Fly’ and ‘Form’ Metal Mobiles

puffin mobile ODEChair Jolyon Yates Garden Mobile Paris Forms Chime
‘Puffin’ and ‘Form’ Metal Mobiles

gull mobile Jolyon Yates ODEChair
‘Fly’ Metal Mobile


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