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Circling Seagulls Wall or Window Stickers

Seagull Stickers
  • Circling Seagulls Wall or Window Stickers
  • Circling Seagulls Wall or Window Stickers
  • Circling Seagulls Wall or Window Stickers

Seagulls Window or Wall Sticker Decals (6 different decals)

Window or Wall Stickers - Ideal for the kitchen or bathroom window or patio door

Size : approx 15cm (approx 6”) each

Instructions :

Decals are easy to use. Please follow these simple instructions (Instructions with diagrams are included with the product)

• Ensure target surface is clean and dust free

• Carefully cut out individual decals with sharp scissors

• Position decal, (coloured side facing you) onto target surface. When happy with placement, use low-tack tape to hold

• Lift up decal and slowly peel away white paper backing

• Gently smooth decal onto surface from centre outwards to avoid air bubbles. (With larger decals, smooth decal with soft cloth wrapped around credit card). Don’t rub - gentle adhesion is fine !

• Once decal is on target surface, gently peel away and discard clear transfer film

• Please do not apply to textured, precious, insecure or dirty surfaces. Doing so will give a poor result and may damage the surface - for which we cannot take responsibility !

Delivery Information may be found here.

Feel free to Contact Us if you require further information.


Circling Seagulls Wall or Window Stickers


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