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  • Savannah Rocker Wooden Rocking Chair
  • Cat Apron
  • Animal Keyrings
  • Crow Garden Ornament Yard Art
  • Hips Coffee Perch Table

Designer Maker Jolyon Yates, ODEChair


“An ODE is a lyrical poem that pays respect to that which inspires it”

The subject of that respect is those who have lent thoughts, inspiration or kindness in the development of these pieces; friends and family, mother nature; the Atlantic Ocean; Northumberland; New Zealand; the rain

Specifically, this ODE is to those that we meet and learn from on our journeys

“In a world of loveless volume manufacturing,
ODEChair displays soul by reflecting the care and honesty with which they have been conceived and crafted”

Jolyon Yates is a designer / maker of crafted wooden rocking chairs, stools, wall clocks, hanging mobiles, decorative decals, greetings cards, stamps and interior accessories

Wooden_Rocking_Chair_Savannah_Rocker_Jolyon_YatesColoured Resin Stingray Stools by Jolyon YatesOcean Rocker III Wooden Rocking Chair by Jolyon YatesWooden Sculpted Leaf Stool ODEChair Jolyon YatesStingray Stool Tulip Wood Jolyon Yates ODEChair